Personal Information
Stefano Stacul

Department of Civil and Industrial Engineering, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy

Stefano Stacul
From 11/2013 to 11/2017, Dual PhD Degree , Italy - Germany
From 07/2009 to 12/2012, Master Degree , Italy
From 09/2005 to 07/2009, Bachelor Degree , Italy
Work Experiences
From 05/2018 , Research Associate , University of Pisa
From 02/2018 to 05/2018, Contract Professor, Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering at Italian Naval Academy , University of Pisa
From 08/2017 to 11/2017, Scholarship Holder , University of Pisa
From 03/2013 to 08/2013, Scholarship Holder , Polo Universitario 'Sistemi Logistici', University of Pisa
From 11/2009 to 05/2010, External Scientific Collaborator , University of Pisa
From 09/2009 to 11/2009, Scientific Collaborator , University of Pisa
From 05/2018 , Piles and Piled Raft Foundation under Static and Dynamic Conditions , Goal: The main goal of the project is to investigate about the performance of piles (single pile, pile group) and combined piled raft foundation (CPRF) under static and dynamic conditions. Especially considering materials (soil and structure) nonlinearities. The project includes the study of piles-supported structures in liquefiable soils
Geotechnical Engineering
Pile Foundation
Soil-Structure Interaction
Soil Liquefaction
Geotechnical in-situ testing
Partially saturated soil
Seismic Response Analysis
Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
Manuale di Ingegneria Geotecnica Volume II, Cosanti B, Giusti I, Lo Presti D, Squeglia N, Stacul S, Publisher: Pisa University Press srl Geotechnical Engineering Handbook - Volume II
Journal Articles
m-PISE: A novel numerical procedure for pile installation and soil extraction. Application to the case of Leaning Tower of Pisa, Squeglia N, Stacul S, Abed AA, Benz T, Leoni M; Computers and Geotechnics (2018)
One-Dimensional Nonlinear Seismic Response Analysis Using Strength-Controlled Constitutive Models: The Case of the Leaning Tower of Pisa’s Subsoil, Fiorentino G, Nuti C, Squeglia N, Lavorato D, Stacul S, Geosciences, MDPI (2018)
Analysis Method for Laterally Loaded Pile Groups Using an Advanced Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Sections, Stacul S, Squeglia N; Materials, MDPI (2018)
KIN SP: A boundary element method based code for single pile kinematic bending in layered soil, Stacul S, Squeglia N, Journal of Rock Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2018)
Preliminary Validation of a Novel Method for the Assessment of Effective Stress State in Partially Saturated Soils by Cone Penetration Tests, Lo Presti D, Stacul S, Meisina C, Bordoni, M, Bittelli M, Geosciences, MDPI (2018)
Free-Field Seismic Response Analysis: The Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa Case Study, Angina A, Steri A, Stacul S, Lo Presti D, International Journal of Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering, IGI Global (2018)
Laterally Loaded Single Pile Response Considering the Influence of Suction and Non-Linear Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Sections, Stacul S, Squeglia N, Morelli F, Applied Sciences, MDPI (2017)
Influence of Tension Stiffening on the Flexural Stiffness of Reinforced Concrete Circular Sections, Morelli F, Amico C, Salvatore W, Squeglia N, Stacul S, Materials, MDPI (2017)
The restoration of San Paolo Church in Pisa: geotechnical aspects, Squeglia N, Stacul S, Diddi E, Italian Geotechnical Journal, Patron - Naples Italy: Edizioni Scientifiche Italiane (2015)
Low-Cost Passive System for Environmental Monitoring, Muro Jr A, Antoniosi Filho NR, Stacul S, Lo Presti D, Preprints 2018, 2018070062,
Conference Papers
Doctoral Courses (in Geotechnical Engineering): what has been changing in Italy in the last 30 years, Lo Presti D, Squeglia N, Pierotti A, Cosanti B, Stacul S, Giusti I, Banti E, EUCEET 2018 - 4th International Conference on Civil Engineering Education: Challenges for the Third Millennium (2018)
Empirical correlations to improve the use of mechanical CPT in the liquefaction potential evaluation and soil profile reconstruction, Meisina C, Stacul S, Lo Presti DC, 4th International Symposium on Cone Penetration Testing, CPT'18, Delft (2018)
Use in practice of seismic tests according to Eurocodes, Lo Presti DC, Stacul S, Giusti I, Meisina C et al; 2017 ICCE International Conference of Civil Engineering, Tirana (2017)
Analysis of r.c. single pile lateral response considering the influence of tension stiffening, Stacul S, Squeglia N, XVII Convegno ANIDIS - L'Ingegneria Sismica in Italia, Pistoia (2017)
On the influence of pile discretization in single pile kinematic analysis using a BEM based approach, Stacul S, Squeglia N, XVII Convegno ANIDIS - L'Ingegneria Sismica in Italia, Pistoia (2017)
Analisi di fondazioni su pali soggette a forze orizzontali, Stacul S, Squeglia N, Incontro Annuale dei Ricercatori di Geotecnica 2015. Cagliari, 24-26 giugno 2015 (2015) (in Italian)
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